My Story

As someone with a noticeable physical disability, I began to understand and appreciate that I was not alone. In my intercontinental travels and immigration to two countries, I recognized that everyone I met in all parts of the world had a disability in one form or another.


What separated me from some of the other women I met in my journey through life was that my disability, the results of childhood polio, was easily noticed, while others’ disabilities and challenges were not so easily recognized.


In fact, many of the amazing women I met while traveling and going through my divorce had disabilities that were mental or mental as well as physical. The recognition that none of us escapes life without challenges and disabilities was life-altering and empowering.


Rather than feel sorry for myself and with much coaching from my parents, I came to accept that my physical ailment was not something to be used as an excuse. It was an opportunity to empower myself and other women to accept their disabilities and acknowledge we all have something wonderful to bring to the table.


The Story behind IWIN 

I began IWIN in 2015 out of the desire in my life to care for, share with, nurture, network, and help other women see that we are a gift, a beautiful light whose beauty needs to shine on for all to see and gather strength from. Together we rise! As women, we can do more together than we can alone.

Today, when someone looks at my path, she might compliment me for the list of
accomplishments, which I appreciate; but I like to remind her the reason I am here today is because when I got the door slammed in my face repeatedly through life, it was only a matter of time that I asked myself what is in this crises that I need to learn, and is there a way to turn this into an opportunity? And I have to admit shortly after other doors opened for me, often by women who helped me along in my journey, I became a better person who realized my challenges were just a step-stone to grow and flourish. The finishing stage is that now I need to
be a beacon of light to help other women like myself.

Today IWIN, Iranian Women In Network, provides an opportunity for women in our community to gather together to share their gifts and talents; network; story tell; laugh, cry, and build a stronger foundation than we ever could by ourselves.

We are responsible for our life-God gave us two legs to stand on and two hands one to reach out and help another person in need and one to ask for help. This is how we can connect and build a supporting chain. IWIN is an opportunity for all of above. We are here to support you to stand tall on your own legs: to be able to help others and a platform to come and ask for help.