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I-WIN Courses and Workshops are born as a result of more than 60 I-WIN talks and Interviews some of since October 2015. We had rich and diverse Talks by very professional and passionate community members. 
They have been short lectures that took about 45-60  minutes and often just at the end of the session audience got very interested to know more and even see if there is a way to apply this information in a form of a workshop.
So we decided to ask our speakers if they also have a workshop related to talk that we can offer to those who likes to tap deeper in the topic. So far we organized  
- Watercolor courses  by dear Atoosa Maleki Ph. D
- Acrylic Painting Technique by dear Atoosa Maleki Ph. D

- Color Theory by Mobina Nouri Ph. D
- Form and Gestalt  by Mobina Nouri Ph. D
- Every Saturday Mediation by Raana Bastani since July 2020
- Every Wednesday Listening Circle based on NVC theory by Raana Bastani since September 2020


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