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Digital work or Photograph:

Please email us at
Size 12 x 12 Inch - 300 DPI
Donate $20 to current fundraising

We like to take the opportunity and thank you for your interest in participating at our project:

IWIN - Iranian American Women in Network is a San Francisco grass-root community with a mission of empowering women through art. 

Short background: Currently Iran is experiencing a women-led revolution under the main slogan of “Women, Life, Freedom”. 

We believe even though the movement started in Iran, it is so inclusive in its nature that almost everyone in today's world can connect to it. Just a reminder that "Women, Life, Freedom" expresses the desire for, and commitment to, equality, safety, and choice for women in Iran. Unfortunately, inequality, violence, and oppression continue to be present in varying degrees in the lives of all women and girls across the globe. So, we asked ourselves: How can we amplify this message through art and increase solidarity among all the women in the world?

Inspired by many amazing quilt projects that have raised awareness around many social and political issues, we at IWIN found this idea as the most powerful way to invite all communities to gather under the flag of Woman, Life, Freedom, and elaborate a worldwide engagement. We started with the immediate communities in the San Francisco/ Bay area however we believe that the sky's the limit.

Let's share our stories with the world in the form of a beautiful quilt that represents the diverse experiences of women across the globe and demand WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM together!

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