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‎این دوره از کلاس های یوگا به توسط روجا عزیزمان طوری طراحی شده که
هر کس با هر شرایط فیزیکی میتواند در آنها شرکت کند.
‎هدف ان است که با تمرین های تنفسی و حرکتها بسیار نرم و آسان گردش خون و جهاز هاضمه و ریه ها خود را بهتر به کار بیاندازیم
‎این 6 جلسه بر روی احساسات و علائم درد ، اضطراب ، حالت تهوع ، بی خوابی ، یبوست و خستگی تمرکز خواهد کرد.

تعداد شرکت کننده ها در هر گروه محدود است است
‎لطفآ جای خود را با ثبت نام به موقع خود رزرو کنید
جلسه اول رایگان -
6 x Sessions

Only $75
MAX Participants per course 10 X

 More Information or reserve your course
510.60.60.877Payment MethodPayPal: Communityofiwin@gmail.comZelle:|
Or per credit card on our website

International Museum of the Baroque

✴️ Course Description

In the next 6 sessions we make attempts to flick the switch, to living our lives with a greater mindfulness, compassion, and calm. We try to observe and address the common symptoms of dis-ease experienced in everyday life.

We hope to harness the mind into the present moment to prevent wasting excess energy on unnecessary stress.

We hope to steady the breath not only to assist it into occupying the mind in the now, but also to unwind the physical tension by supplying fresh oxygen and optimizing our circulation.

We hope to engage our minds and breath with yogic movements in our bodies.

We hope to use restorative poses in order to optimize our respiration, circulation and digestion. We do this by organizing the architectural shape of our bodies.

We hope to use our breath awareness in order to bring us back to the essential rhythm and integration of our mind, body and spirit.

We hope to observe without judgment to find us a true sanctuary away from the rat race of our illusory identifications.

The 6 sessions will focus on the feelings and symptoms of Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia, Constipation, and Exhaustion.

International Museum of the Baroque

 ✴️ Payment Method
Or per credit card on our website

Venmo: 510 60 60 877


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