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Our Mission

Holistic Empowerment of Women Through Art and Creativity.
IWIN’s mission is to offer art-based opportunities to empower, support and educate women and girls to reach their personal and professional goals. 

Our main target groups are local artists and communities in need of finding their voices, to grow and thrive.
By using a variety of visual art and mindfulness activities. We prioritize providing workshops, programs, and funds to minority groups and women facing hardships. 


IWIN’s core principles are to connect, care, and share our experiences with women and minority groups to build stronger sense of self and communities, expand networks, and create lasting friendships.

Member volunteers work on committee initiatives, creating opportunities and an environment that helps the growth of their personal and professional brand.​


IWIN’s desires and dreams for the future:

  • Activities: To expand our current activities from visual art to other branches of art such as music, literature, theater, and dance.

  • Geographical: To create a model for other cities and countries across the globe to follow 

We believe every community deserves to have their own IWIN, a group of women who provide a platform to empower, educate, and support each other through a variety of artistic programs to thrive.


  • To allow visual art to be our tool for:

  • Empowering

  • Finding our voices

  • Healing

  • Sharing our stories

  • Inspiring

  • Educating via a variety of art & mindfulness workshops & courses

  • Building communities to boost our mutual values 

  • Raising awareness regarding women's and children’s rights 

  • Supporting entrepreneurship and financial independence

Our Logo

IWIN’s branding of warm colors were specifically chosen as a tribute to the light and warmth we as women bring to each other and those around us.The shape and form of the letter “I” is a symbol of a women.The different colors represent the diversity that we welcome in this community.I am especially proud of IWIN’s logo that was lovingly and carefully designed by my niece, a world renowned artist: Sara Esna.

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