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Stories in our Quilt

Let's Share Our Story Through Art!

Behind the Quilt

"I was delighted to meet Dina and commend her for the remarkable quilt project. I was thinking about how the quilt project has made a 360 degree round trip in time and in space. Middle Eastern women, as a way of keeping souvenirs, as well as keeping themselves warm, usually sewed pieces of worn out dresses of themselves and their children into quilts and in this way kept the memories of those beautiful days in their lives and for generation that followed. The quilt project was adopted by gays as protest emblem during the AIDS crisis, and now it is back to ME Women, this time keeping the memory of Iranian women's struggle for women’s rights alive and passing it on to the next generation."

Professor Janet Afary, Mellichamp Chair in Global Religion and Modernity


1st Annual WLF Quilt Exhibit, Golden Gate Park