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Celebrate the Women Within

About this Workshop

A freestyle art workshop where we honor and celebrate the diverse experiences of women in today's world. Inspired by the Women Life Freedom movement that began in Iran in 2022/23, this workshop provides a space to reflect on women's achievements, challenges, and the universal bonds that unite women globally. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards gender equality, encouraging gratitude and resilience for the progress made thus far. At this workshop, we come together to share our stories, which are then transformed into art to be shared with the world. This powerful workshop is suitable for various communities, including schools, corporate campuses, cultural groups, and grassroots movement organizations. Participants have the opportunity to donate their artwork to our ongoing quilt program, which aims to raise awareness of unresolved issues facing women and girls. To date, we have collected over 400 pieces and created 42 quilts (3 ft x 6 ft) that are exhibited in different locations throughout the Bay Area, amplifying the voices and experiences of women everywhere

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